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Please carefully read the terms and conditions below before using this website. If you use it, it is considered that you accept and agree to the terms and conditions.

The present document contains the General conditions under which the company "Cesima Ltd. provides services to your users through online shop auto-colors.com.

These conditions are binding for all users. With loading the existing hyper-links, located on the server serving auto-colors.com or by paying the use of paid services offered by a competitor, the user agrees to accept and abide by these terms and conditions.

Obligations under the law on electronic commerce (BROTHER-IN-LAW) and the Consumer Protection Act (CPA)

Under the CPA, and SON-IN-LAW, we at auto-colors.com, we are obliged to provide you with a clear, direct and permanent access to the following information:

1. the name and address the company "Cesima Ltd. Sofia, UL. Odessa No. 7

2. Contacts Tel. 0897810402 connection, you may email us at e-mail address office@auto-colors.com
3. Company "Cesima Ltd is registered under the value added tax Act and all prices listed on the website auto-colors.com are indicated in a clear and comprehensible manner and are inclusive of VAT. The value of the delivery costs are NOT INCLUDED in the price of the goods.
4. supervising Authority on the business of online shop auto-colors.com is the Commission for the protection of consumers.
5. Basic information and characteristics of the goods are listed in detail in the presentation page of each product.
6. We do not impose any additional value in the use of the means of communication with us.
7. The arrangements for payment and delivery are described in detail in the page delivery and payment method.
8. the payment of the goods is in accordance with article 93 (1) of the law on obligations and Contracts Act, for which the relevant document.

General terms and conditions for use of site

www.auto-colors.com is a website which is an e-commerce shopping center, whose founder and owner is the company "Cesima Ltd. The site offers through the Internet network on individual orders of the customer, a very wide range of products related to the appearance of the vehicle and other vehicles also and necessary products for auto repair shops.

"Cesima Ltd. gives you the power to upload and view any materials that are posted on this Web site only for your personal use for non-commercial purposes, provided that you follow and comply with all copyright and appropriate signage.

auto-colors.com and "Cesima Ltd. are not responsible for the content of images, pictures, texts, documents, and other information generated by users on the site, reserves the right to remove and/or modify, at any time and in its sole discretion, any material generated by the user.

The available links from this website to websites owned by third parties are provided solely for your convenience. If you use these links, you will leave this site. auto-colors.com does not control these sites and assumes no responsibility for any of them or their content.

When clerical errors in the publication of the site auto-colors.com, Cesima Ltd. reserves the right to refuse execution of the order and not obzeŝetenie in any way to the user, but to recover the amounts paid by user, if any. The user can refuse your order, but if it happens after the order has already shipped, the customer owes compensation within the framework of the transport costs.
Each online order is confirmed by phone within 24 hours and runs after explicit expressions of a desire for the purchase of specific goods by the customer.

Disclaimer of stkata

According to the CPA, you, as a consumer you have the right, without compensation or owe a penalty and without specifying the reason, to withdraw from the contract at a distance within 7 working days from the date of: you have the right to opt out of the ordered goods within 7 working days of receipt in the event that they are not used, is not compromised the integrity of their packaging and are in the form on which they were received.
Upon finding the defective product within 24 hours. of receipt and in the nenarušen of the product presentation and packaging, we are committed to be replaced with a new one under warranty conditions of the manufacturer or firm to restore in full the paid value of the goods not later than 30 days, in accordance with article 55 of the CPA, as from the date on which You as a consumer have exercised a right of withdrawal. Transportation and other expenses on the receipt of goods are charged to the customer, upon return of such at the expense of the supplier.
Upon receipt of the shipment should check the contents of the package for matches with the application of the product.
Appearance of the goods incurred in transportation, you must contact the courier uvrede Protocol